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Teen saves 4-year-old from Spanish Fork River


SPANISH FORK, Utah — A family in Utah experienced one of their worst nightmares Monday afternoon when their child was separated from the group and fell into a river.

But luckily, a passerby didn’t hesitate to jump in and pull the 4-year-old child out of the water.

The boy’s mother said words could not describe how grateful she was.

Tori Williams and her 4-year-old son, Zac, go on the Spanish Fork River Trail, but Monday turned out like no other day for them.

“We were starting on this river trail, we’re here with our family,” Tori said. “I got this little guy [Zac] and a few other kids, then all of a sudden it just stops to the side.

The trail has some steep embankments at times that lead to the Spanish Fork River.

“I thought it was pretty steep…I could see it wobbling,” Tori said. “He didn’t know where to put his foot.”

Zac lost his footing and rolled down the slope.

“It was all just slow motion in my head,” Tori said. “I started yelling at my kids, ‘Go get your father.’ And then I start waking up downstairs wearing flip flops.

But then out of nowhere, help arrived in the form of a passerby.

“This teenager is right there and he just dives in and takes it before he goes all the way in,” Tori said. “[The teen] took him up the hill, then he took his bike up the hill. It could have been so much worse – he was right on the edge, his feet were in the water and he was just hanging on with his little hands… It was crazy [and] Could have been worse.”

Only with a few bumps and bruises, the 4-year-old is back and playing and hasn’t missed a beat thanks to this teenager being in the right place at the right time.

“He’s super brave,” Tori said. “That was really brave for a teenager to do that. I think I didn’t even know he was there until he started splashing and coming.

“[I] I don’t have the words to say how grateful I am. I fell asleep having nightmares last night thinking about what could have happened to him,” she said. “I’m so grateful and I gave her a big hug.”