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In a long-awaited sign of recovery from the drought, water has started to flow over the wall of Orange’s main water storage dam at Suma Park. The historic event began on Sunday afternoon and at 9 a.m. on Monday there was 186mm of water protruding from the dam wall, according to Orange City Council. Mayor Reg Kidd and council chief executive David Waddell hosted a mid-morning media event at the dam to mark the event. “A lot of things are going on. I would say what Orange would use in a day is going out there in a couple of hours,” Cr Kidd said. “Just two years ago we were faced with some pretty severe restrictions, but since those days we have rainwater harvesting and pipelines … which supplement our water. [storage]“The last time water flowed over the dam wall was in July 2016. Cr Kidd added that the dam hit the 80 percent mark about three and a half weeks ago before reaching 90 percent on July 11. “There were predictions that it might take much longer to break through the wall, but the ground is so wet all around Orange that we are reaping the benefits of any runoff,” a- he declared. Despite going through the water storage stage, minor water restrictions will remain in place with standing water conservation standards that operate under the same criteria as level 2 water restrictions. ” These standards are about changing mindsets and attitudes towards water. Even when our dams are full, we want to be reasonable in our use of water, ”said Cr Kidd. “Orange residents are leading the way in low water consumption and we want to continue to do so despite the dam wall overflowing. »Permanent Water saving standards will be in place until the water storage level drops to 70 percent, at which time the city enters the level 2 restrictions. The only difference between the two standards is that there are no time restrictions for washing cars under standing water saving standards. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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