Home Creek Santa Rosa neighbors blame town after creek overflows, flooding homes and forced evacuations – CBS San Francisco

Santa Rosa neighbors blame town after creek overflows, flooding homes and forced evacuations – CBS San Francisco


SANTA ROSA (KPIX) – After the weekend’s record-breaking rainstorm, neighbors in a community in Santa Rosa are furious at the flood damage they think the city could have avoided.

Severe flooding forced evacuations. With the amount of rain that Santa Rosa experienced, water began to flow from a stream, onto the roadway, and trickled into people’s homes.

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Matt Carlson, a resident says, “We call it ‘Lake Carlson’.

Carlson is referring to his backyard, which is a soggy mess. The trampoline and the play structure are based on a lot of standing water.

His wife, Bethany Carlson, adds: “We have never seen anything like it nor the rapids that run down Neotomas Avenue.”

It all happened on Sunday when a nearby stream overflowed. The Santa Rosa Fire Department responded quickly to evacuate residents. Everyone came out safe and sound but 4 houses were marked with a red tag and some say it could have been avoided.

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“I’m furious because we went through emotional despair here yesterday because we are going through this situation,” says Deborah, another resident.

She claims the city of Santa Rosa hasn’t done enough to clean up the debris clogging the creek.

The city issued a statement saying, “To prevent flooding during storms, the city is performing routine maintenance on more than 100 miles of city-owned streams and 346 miles of storm drains to keep courses going.” clear water.

These residents had packed their bags, worried about the next big fire. They never imagined that it would be a flood forcing a major cleanup of their neighborhood.

“In a way, I’m going to take a flood on a fire because I don’t mind losing the house in a flood. Just some damage, ”Carlson said.

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The city of Santa Rosa says it is looking to find out what caused the creek to overflow. But it does indicate that there was significant runoff from the Glass Fire burn scar which greatly affected the flow in Santa Rosa Creek.


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