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River Station development adds homes to historic New Bern


New Bern’s newest development, River Station, will celebrate its progress Thursday with a real Southern barbecue, live music and a drink dubbed the “lighted mint julep.”

The River Station Waterfront Community and Marina Celebration is hosted by the Chamber of Commerce from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 804 E. Front St.

Although they developed during a summer of material shortages, four waterfront homes ranging in size from 1,700 to 2,725 are expected to be completed in September. Two were recently released and the other two followed this week.

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The 3-acre site was a dumping ground for years until Hubie Tolson, owner of UHF Development Group LLC, developed 17 lots on the property about 20 years ago.

“I can’t wait to turn a tiny bit of what wasn’t good into something really cool and a fun place for about 17 families to live and enjoy the river,” Tolson said.

A lot already sold out earlier this month, an indicator of strong demand as construction is not yet complete, Tolson said.

811 E. Front St. already sold, after spending little time on the market.  The house is 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

The four water-view homes start in the mid-$ 500,000 range and Tolson said developers have absorbed the impact of cost increases, rather than raising house prices.

“We have been under the brunt of increasing the price of lumber and other materials like doors and windows, everything, copper, you name it, during the construction of these houses,” Tolson said. “We published the price for the first two houses and did not move it, although the cost to us has increased significantly. “

Jason Broome, project and site manager, said the biggest challenge for the construction was the windows and exterior doors as orders are on hold and suppliers cannot give specific dates for deliveries.

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The homes at River Station are designed to blend seamlessly with their surrounding century-old historic counterparts and capture the essence of an outdoor lifestyle, Tolson said.

“These are all low maintenance, open concept living rooms, where the kitchen extends into the den and the living spaces extend onto the porches,” he said.

Owner Hubie Tolson said the homes will blend in with the surrounding historic homes.

Like the rest of historic New Bern, River Station will be a community where porch rocking chairs are a fixture and neighbors know the neighbors, Tolson said.

Two of Sarah Afflerbach’s three waterfront house designs with GO Architectural Design have been approved by the Historic Preservation Commission. A house with a water view has also been approved.

All three houses are ready to move on to the engineering and licensing phases, Tolson said.

“We love the progress so far on the Waterfront Homes and they will be mind blowing when completed. Since all the houses have elevators, having the living space on the second floor with a fabulous view of the river makes perfect sense, ”Afflerbach said. “We can’t wait to see the first waterfront home under construction.

Afflerbach said the waterfront designs are slightly different from those of the first four houses. The garages are accessible along an alley on the water side and all common living areas are on the second floor. Large terraces will line the main living room and the third floor porches will overlook the River Neuse from the main bedrooms.

“We love the second story porches above the garages and it is not a shape that is currently in the historic district and we are happy that the owner wanted to go ahead with the design when we got it. proposed, because it takes a bit of extra engineering to frame that space, ”Afflerbach said.

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The first phase of the marina, 20 boat ramps ranging from 30 to 60 feet, will also be completed by mid-September, said Millissa Alexander, an on-site consultant. Although Alexander may not be able to close the sales by then, she is getting a lot of inquiries and interest, she said.

The first phase of the River Station Marina, 20 slides, will be completed in September.

Boat owners will have the option of purchasing a high speed boat lift or keeping it like a wet boat. The 30 foot slides will start at $ 42,000.

The grassy area between the homes and the marina will have gates and will be a gathering space for the community, Tolson said. He said he chose to expand the public Riverwalk across the River Station property, sharing the sights with the downtown population. This will give people a connection to the river, even if they don’t own homes by the water, Tolson said.

River Station responds to a lifestyle that values ​​a nearby community and is focused on water, according to the developer.

“It’s something that’s almost unprecedented because the historic district has such a limited footprint. It’s an exciting time for New Bern to be able to do something like this because so far it has been very limited, ”said Alexander. “The City of New Bern and the community in general have argued that such good things like this are happening. “

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