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Parks, pets and police: Othello council approves 2022 budget of $ 19.5 million


OTHELLO – Members of Othello’s city council on December 13 approved a budget of $ 19.5 million for 2022.

Othello Mayor Shawn Logan said the budget reflects major improvements to Lions Park next year, as well as an ongoing project to reuse water and recharge the city’s aquifer. The budget also includes work on some streets in Othello, but Logan said council members are still discussing details, with a decision on which streets to work on early next year.

City officials are also planning to build a crosswalk on 14th Avenue South at Wahitis Elementary School, Logan said.

The improvements to Lions Park will include the replacement of the existing playing field and the replacement of two basketball courts and the addition of two more. Lions Park is also home to Othello’s community pool, town skatepark, baseball field complex, and municipal tennis courts. Logan said the goal is to make the park a recreation destination.

The city received $ 500,000 in grants from the state’s Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program for the playground. The project also received local donations.

City officials are working on the details of the design, Logan said. The new playground will be approximately 7,000 square feet in size and will include separate areas for children 5 and under and children 5 to 12 years old. It will include improved access for children with physical disabilities.

The city received a $ 350,000 grant from the state’s youth activity facilities program to pay for most of the cost of the new and improved basketball courts. The total project cost for the new courts is approximately $ 467,000.

The water reuse project is in its second phase, with a report on the results of the pilot project expected in the fall of 2022. The project pumps water from a canal in the eastern irrigation district of Colombia near a city well, processes it and injects it into the city’s aquifer. . If the water remains in place, the next phase will be to expand the project and seek funding.

The 2022 budget includes approximately $ 3.4 million for the Othello Police Department, including allowances for two new police vehicles. And city officials will pay Adams County Pet Rescue about $ 51,000 for animal control services.

The city has a contract with Adams County Fire District 5 for fire services. For 2022, the contract is estimated at around $ 426,000.

Total general fund expenditure has been budgeted at $ 7.4 million, which includes both the police service contract and the fire service contract.

The Water Utilities Fund, which finances the city’s water supply system, was budgeted at $ 4.1 million. The sewer utility fund pays for the city’s sewage treatment system and has been budgeted at $ 2.9 million.