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Must-see rowing club on the Cape Fear River


WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The pre-dawn stillness along the banks of the Cape Fear River is short-lived. As the sun rises over the horizon, you will begin to hear the car doors slam, the gear lifted from its racks, and the sound of footsteps descending the floating river docks.

It’s just another Saturday morning for members of the Cape Fear River Rowing Club.

“It really is a beautiful escape in your life,” said club president Jana Moore. “It can be very taxing mentally, as well as physically, because you are always thinking about the different aspects of rowing and trying to keep everyone in sync.”

There is no “I” in the team when it comes to outfitting the boats used to glide through the waters of Cape Fear. Teams of eight row in unison, minute after minute, stroke after stroke.

The skill level here varies. What is constant is the passion of these local athletes. For more than a quarter of a century, the club has been based on this river.

“It’s not called Cape Town Fear River for nothing, ”Moore said. “On any given morning, the river can have half a dozen personalities.

“For those interested in joining the club, they must first know how to row. Several courses are organized to upgrade you. The misconception is that it takes a lot of upper body strength to help move the boat, when the reality is that most of the work is done with your legs.

“Think of the ducks and you’ll understand what we mean,” said Glenda Howard, who has been with the club for nine years. “The ducks look like they’re just sliding around, but all the work is done underwater. That’s kind of how we feel. It’s all the legwork that keeps us in sync.

If you check out the Cape Fear Rowing website, you will find that the sport has roots here in Cape Fear dating back to 1875.

“It’s just an amazing and exhilarating experience,” said Moore. “When everything comes together and you’re one with the boat and the water, you feel like you’re flying. It’s the best feeling.

To learn more about the Cape Fear River Rowing Club and what it takes to become a member, Click here.

To follow rowing at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, here is an overview of the program.

friday 23 july

Location: Sea Forest Waterway

  • Women’s single scull draft
  • Men’s single scull draft
  • Draft of the women’s pair
  • Draft of the men’s pair
  • Pair Women Series
  • Pair Men
  • Lightweight pairs for women
  • Men’s lightweight couple sleeves
  • Four sleeve women
  • Four sleeve men

Starts at 7:30 p.m. EDT

Saturday July 24

  • Location: Sea Forest Waterway
  • E / F men’s single scull semi-finals
  • Women’s single scull semi-finals E / F
  • Men’s pair draft
  • Draft in female pairs
  • Men’s lightweight two-pair draft
  • Draft of the lightweight women’s two-pair
  • Men’s Quadruple Pairs Draft
  • Quadruple couple Women Draft
  • Eight series men
  • Eight series women

Starts 8 p.m. EDT

Sunday July 25

Location: Sea Forest Waterway

  • Women’s single scull quarter-finals
  • Men’s single scull quarter-finals
  • Women’s doubles semi-finals
  • Men’s doubles semi-finals
  • Four Ladies Repechage
  • Four draft men

Starts 8 p.m. EDT

Monday July 26

Location: Sea Forest Waterway

  • C / D men’s single scull semi-finals
  • Women’s C / D single scull semi-finals
  • Men’s lightweight couple final C
  • Women’s lightweight sculls C Final
  • Men’s Quadruple Couple B Final
  • Quadruple Couple Women Final B
  • Men’s Quadruple A-Final
  • Quadruple Couple Women Final A
  • Men’s Quadruple Winners’ Ceremony
  • Men’s A / B semi-finals
  • Women’s Quadruple Winners Ceremony
  • Women’s A / B semi-finals
  • Men’s Lightweight Doubles A / B Semi-Finals
  • Women’s Lightweight Doubles A / B Semi-Finals

Starts at 7:30 p.m. EDT

Tuesday July 27

Location: Sea Forest Waterway

  • Couple of Women Final B
  • Men’s Doubles B Final
  • Four Ladies Final B
  • Four men, B final
  • Couple of Women Final A
  • Men’s Doubles A Final
  • Women’s Doubles Winners’ Ceremony
  • Four Ladies Final A
  • Men’s doubles winners ceremony
  • Four finals men A
  • Ceremony of the four female winners
  • Women’s draft eight
  • Four-man winners ceremony
  • Men’s draft eight
  • Women’s Singles A / B Semi-Finals
  • Men’s single scull semi-finals A / B

Starts at 7:30 p.m. EDT

Wednesday July 28

Location: Sea Forest Waterway

  • Single scull Men Final F
  • Single scull Women Final F
  • Single scull Men Final E
  • Single scull Women Final E
  • Pair Men Final A
  • Pair Women Final A
  • Men’s duo winners ceremony
  • Men’s Lightweight Doubles A Final
  • Women’s duo winners ceremony
  • Lightweight Women’s Doubles A Final
  • Men’s lightweight double-couple victory ceremony
  • Pairs Men Final B
  • Women’s Lightweight Doubles Victory Ceremony
  • Pairs Women Final B
  • Men’s lightweight twosome B final
  • Women’s lightweight double sculls B final
  • Single scull Women Final D
  • Single scull Men Final D

Starts at 7:30 p.m. EDT

Thursday July 29

Location: Sea Forest Waterway

  • Single scull Women Final C
  • Single scull Men Final C
  • Single scull Women Final B
  • Single scull Men Final B
  • Single scull Women Final A
  • Single scull Men Final A
  • Women’s single scull victory ceremony
  • Eight Women Final A
  • Men’s single scull winners ceremony
  • Eight Men Final A
  • Women’s eight winners ceremony
  • Men’s eight winner ceremony

Starts 8 p.m. EDT

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