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KOCHI: The Kerala High Court ordered the Ernakulam District Collector to take the necessary steps to remove as much sedimentation as possible to ensure the free flow of water in the backwaters. “It is an undisputed fact that Kochi and its neighboring areas have not experienced much flooding so far. However, we are still waiting for the next monsoon which, according to all accounts, should hit the state in the coming days, ”observed Judge Devan Ramachandran.

The presence of large debris led to the formation of something like a dike in the Vaduthala area. Suspicions have been raised as to whether this was the wasteful construction of the Vallarpadom container terminal, or whether it was a subsequent phenomenon.

The project contractor argued that he removed all debris from the site before his final invoices were paid by Railway Nigam Ltd. The company also pointed out certain provisions of the contract, which provided that these invoices do not when the site, including the canal, is cleared.

The state government took the opposite position and said that no work had been done in this area after 2010, and that the contracting company itself had conceded in court that it would release area and restore it to its original position.



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