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Johnny Cash causes leak after Arkansas water tower vandalism


KINGSLAND, Ark. (KLRT) – Every town has one thing it’s known for, and for Kingsland, Arkansas, that’s Johnny Cash.

The music legend was born in the southern Arkansas town of 500 in 1932. But recently, Johnny got his act together, thanks to a perfectly placed bullet hole in the town’s water tower.

A silhouette of Cash was placed on the 50,000 gallon tank to remember the performer, along with a signature guitar and stance. But on Tuesday, city officials arrived to find a creative, albeit illegal, addition — a bullet hole meant to make Cash’s outline appear as if he was relieving himself.

“Someone shot at our water tower, shot Johnny Cash’s figure in a very sensitive area,” Mayor Luke Neal said, looking down at the man in black. “It’s been leaking for the last – almost week.”

The image of Cash seemingly dropped quickly went viral, with people heading to town just to see the leaky tower.

While this situation may “walk the line” in humor, the damage to the reservoir is serious – nearly 30,000 gallons of water flow through the dirt every day Johnny leaks.

“People may be looking to have their water discolored,” Neal said, as the city will need to switch to a water line while the reservoir is being repaired. He adds that the water pressure can also be affected.

Images courtesy of KLRT.

According to Neal, the tower loses about $200 in water a day, which, added to a nearly $5,000 repair job involving draining the tower, puts Kingsland’s budget in the “ring of fire.”

“It might seem small in big places,” Neal said of the cost, “but here it’s a pretty significant number.”

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has leads in the case, with the vandal possibly facing a felony charge for tampering with vital city operations.

A similar incident happened in 1993, but Johnny wasn’t around at the time.