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Harris County Flood Control Kicks Off Cypress Creek Maintenance Project


Harris County Flood Control has started a new maintenance project in the Cypress Creek watershed to help mitigate erosion from flooding in the area.

The project includes the construction of a new reinforced concrete spillway and stilling pond along about 400 feet upstream on Old Ranch Road, said Jason Brock, director of the maintenance engineering department at HCFCD. .

“What this concrete spillway will do is really act like a dissipation of energy,” said Brock. “What we’re trying to do is slow down the water, slow down the speed to prevent further erosion from happening. The speeds are so high that they will only strip the ground and side slopes. “

Brock said there is a large vertical drop in the area, so this project will use baffles, small walls protruding from the canal that slow the flow of water.

“The still pond will allow this energy to settle, so you’ll just have a normal velocity in the canal which is not at a canal erosion level. It will be something more manageable, ”said Brock.

Construction on the project began in September, he said, but was somewhat slow due to weather conditions. The contractor, Solid Bridge Construction, is completing the project at a cost of $ 1.197 million and is expected to be completed in just under a year.

“The contractor will try to complete by then,” Brock said. “It seems like the weather we get these days, we get a few rainy days in a week and it’s slowing us down a bit.”

The main point of the project is due to the vertical drop of the channel which increases the speed of the water, so that the weir will dissipate the energy, he said. These types of drops are common near major canals like Cypress Creek.

“As we have these events, we have erosion in the channel so Cypress Creek will get a little deeper over time,” Brock said.

The HCFCD urges drivers to be aware of truck traffic as they pass through the construction area.

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