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Giving Back by Giving Oak Creek Tuesday: 30 Days of Gratitude


OAK CREEK, WI – After a long day of shopping and checking out Christmas presents on your list, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving offers a moment to take a break. It’s a day for Oak Creek residents to focus on gratitude and generosity.

GivingTuesday, observed this year on November 30, is a global movement to inspire hundreds of millions of people not only to give, but to recognize and celebrate the generosity of others.

On this GivingTuesday, an Oak Creek business said it made a donation to support pets and their owners, and nonprofits across town are participating in the gratitude day.

Read on for information on organizations in Oak Creek looking for donations, tips from the state on how to avoid unreliable charities, and a story on a dog food business in Oak. Creek in the hope of feeding the pets.

GivingTuesday and its mission also fits effortlessly into “30 Days Of Gratitude,” a series of patches exploring the intentionality of gratitude and how it enriches our lives.

There is more to living with gratitude than just being grateful. This does not mean pretending that bad things don’t happen, but rather savoring the good, according to experts on the subject, including Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California – Davis, known as the “father of the gratitude”.

In short, living with gratitude is “an affirmation of kindness” and a recognition of the good in the world as the source of our individual gifts, benefits, and blessings.

Gratitude is not singularly focused, Emmons said in a YouTube video for the Greater Good Science Center, but rather acknowledges that the sources of kindness are other people who “have given us many gifts, big and small, for. help us achieve the good in our lives. . “

What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday was established in New York in 2012 with a simple goal: to encourage people to do good. Over the past nine years, the idea has grown into the global movement it is today.

The goal of GivingTuesday is “radical generosity” – the concept that the suffering of others should be as intolerable to us as our own suffering, according to the movement’s website.

And people are eager to give. Recent data shows that people are highly motivated to give in 2021 and give more in response to the needs of their community and the causes they care about.

A wide range of people and organizations participate in GivingTuesday, including families, nonprofits, schools, religious organizations, small businesses, and corporations.

“Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor or a stranger, showing up for a problem or people we care about, or giving some of what we have to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts, “the GivingTuesday website read,” and everyone has something to give. “

Support a local organization

While GivingTuesday has grown around the world, there are many organizations and causes to support right here in Oak Creek. GivingTuesday is a day for this, but these organizations also accept donations year round. Here are just a few:

Oak Creek Performing Arts and Education Center
340 E. Puetz Road, Oak Creek

To donate to OCPAEC, contact Director Lynnette Hulgan.

Oak Creek High School Robotics Stimulus Club
340 E. Puetz Road, Oak Creek

Oak Creek Community Center
8580 South Howell Avenue, Oak Creek

How you can give

There are several ways you can participate in GivingTuesday, according to the movement’s website. Here are some ideas:

Give time: Volunteer virtually from home. Give your voice to help raise awareness about a local issue, lend your talents to a nonprofit that needs your expertise, or take an hour to call a senior who may be feeling lonely. See more opportunities online.

Provide support: GivingTuesday is carried out locally in more than 240 American communities, networks and coalitions. Find organizations to support through your local GivingTuesday community movement.

Give gratitude: Thank your postal carrier, delivery driver, and other essential workers. Write thank you cards, post them on social media, and share your appreciation for the people and organizations that help your community.

Oak Creek Company Makes Large Pet Donation

Stella & Chewy’s, an Oak Creek-based pet food brand, has pledged a donation for Giving Tuesday that would benefit countless shelter animals across the country, according to a press release from the company.

The donation is part of the company’s Journey Home Fund program which aims to support shelters and adoption. The donation, equivalent to 500,000 pounds of kibble for dogs and cats, will go to shelters across the country, the statement said.

Shelters in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, California, Oregon and Alabama will benefit from the donation. Some shelters will also distribute kibble to animal feed banks in their local community to help people with pets in need until the end of the year.

“This gift from Stella & Chewy’s Mardi Giving will go a long way in ensuring that our pets at the shelter are well fed for months to come,” said Kathy Shillinglaw, volunteer and outreach coordinator at the Pet Control Commission. from the Milwaukee area, in the press release. . “The past year and a half has been tumultuous due to the pandemic, but we have continued to help animals in need and are grateful for the support from the community and from Stella & Chewy’s.”