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Columbia River Bridge over I-182 clogged, damaging tires


RICHLAND, Wash. – A metal ramp fell on the roadway of the I-182 bridge over the Columbia River on Thursday evening, resulting in damaged tires for more than a dozen drivers moving through the area.

According to an alert from WSP Private Chris Thorson, who oversees activity in the Tri-Cities and Yakima regions, reports arrived as of 7:15 p.m. on Thursday, December 16.

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When WSP soldiers arrived to investigate, they learned that the metal ramp was located somewhere on the I-182 bridge between Pasco and Richland over the Columbia River.

In total, the state patrol recorded 13 separate incidents in which drivers’ tires were damaged to some extent during this period. They did not suggest any knowledge of where this obstacle belonged, but it did bring up a separate message about load securing.

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Private Thorson stressed that anyone carrying a load of any kind on their vehicle makes sure it is secure before heading to Washington’s roads.

A load that is not properly secured can cause serious problems for other drivers, as was the case for the 13 people whose tests were damaged on Thursday evening.


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