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City of Decatur Commission approves stormwater improvement project design and budgets – Decaturish


Decatur, Georgia – The top four priority storm sewer projects in the Decatur 2020 Stormwater Master Plan now have budgets and task orders for on-call engineering services.

The City of Decatur Commission, at its October 18 meeting, approved design budgets of $ 300,000 for each project and task orders for engineering services.

“These recommendations follow on from the implementation strategy we presented to the city commission on August 16 of this year,” said Deputy City Manager David Junger.

The project areas are Derrydown Way, Park Drive and South Candler Street, North Decatur Road and Ferndale Drive, and Brower Street and McClean Street.

Public engagement is planned as part of the design process of each project in order to gather feedback specific to each neighborhood. There will be multiple opportunities for public comment as the final plans are developed.

“These projects will include green infrastructure practices to improve water quality and infiltration where possible, as well as traditional infrastructure to mitigate stormwater,” said Junger.

Proposals for the projects were submitted by Atkins and AECOM, who are currently on-call contractors for the city and have been used for a variety of projects at Decatur. The two contractors have previously worked on the design and construction of drainage projects in the city.

Funds should be available in the storm water utility fund for design work. Ultimately, the construction of the first five-year program will be around $ 9 million, assuming full approval of the fees that were recommended in the stormwater master plan.

The Municipal Commission also approved a project budget of $ 22,000 and awarded a contract in the amount of $ 21,005 to Mallory and Evans Service Company for the replacement of two storm water ejection pumps in the parking lot of the downtown. conference. The city owns the parking lot for the conference center and the current pumps have failed.

The repair includes the removal and replacement of two 5-horsepower submersible pumps, four new float switches, all electrical connections and starting for proper operation, Junger wrote in a memo.

“The pumps, which are installed in the lower flow of the parking lot, are necessary because of the constant flow of storm and groundwater from the trench drainage system that surrounds it,” Junger said. “It’s three floors in the ground, so without these pumps the lower level of the parking lot would be flooded. “

Mallory and Evans Service Company has done similar work for the city in the past, as well as more recently for Georgia Tech and DeKalb County. The storm water ejection pumps in the parking lot of the conference center were first installed in 2007 by Mallory and Evans Service Company.

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