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Apple Creek begins renovations on Cemetery Road water tower



APPLE STREAM – The village will begin the process of repainting and repairing the interior of its water tower on Cemetery Road on Wednesday.

The entire project will include testing the system controls, monitoring water pressure, testing for bacteria and a drain test, according to a press release from the Wayne County Emergency Management Agency.

Coating of the interior of the water tank will begin on August 9.

The village is working with the Wayne County EMA and Wayne County Environmental Services to resolve water supply system issues that have led to brown water for several residents.

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Residents can see a drop in water pressure and water discoloration

Due to the design of the water tower controls, the two towers, on Cemetery Road and Dover Road, will be drained to safe water levels to isolate the Cemetery Road water tower. Once isolated, water treatment plant personnel will continue to drain the Cemetery Road water tower prior to the start of interior lining.

The process of emptying the water towers will require several days of monitoring and data collection to ensure that the water pressure in the village is kept at a safe level. Staff at the water treatment plant will continuously perform bacterial testing to ensure the safety of the available water supply.

At the start of the project, residents should expect that the water pressure will drop and discoloration may appear from time to time.

During the project, only one water tank will be available. The village typically maintains 400,000 gallons of water between the two reservoirs. During the project, only one water tank with a capacity of 200,000 gallons will be available.

The village typically uses 90,000 to 120,000 gallons per day. Therefore, water conservation is crucial.

Residents will need to limit activities that use a lot of water

Village officials are asking residents to limit activities that use massive amounts of water, such as washing cars, filling children’s pools or using sprinkler systems.

A list of ways to limit water consumption is available on the American Red Cross website – https://www.redcross.org/get-help/how-to-prepare-for-emergencies/types- of-emergencies / drought.html.

For more information and to see the status of the water tower project, visit the Apple Creek Village website, www.apple-creek.org, or the Wayne County Joint Information website. Center, www.wcjic.org.

A hotline for the water tower project will be available to residents. The phone number will be announced.



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