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$ 100 Million LoneStar Life Sciences OZ Fund LLC Launches Investor Search for Accredited Indoor Hop Growing in Rural Texas Farm Opportunity Areas


The Fund is raising a Series A round.

AUSTIN, Texas, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – $ 100 million LoneStar Life Sciences OZ Fund LLC (the “Fund”) initiates the search for accredited investors for investment in indoor growing facilities for hops and other crops as well as the sale of related products from areas of opportunity rural farming nearby Lockhart and San Marcos Texas. The Fund will invest substantially all of the net proceeds of the offering in an affiliated operating company, LoneStar AgriTech, LLC (“LoneStar AgriTech”), which is responsible for the construction and management of one million square feet of the most advanced controlled indoor environment. greenhouses Texas. The initial focus will be on growing and harvesting high-margin fresh hops for sale to breweries and extracting Xanthohumol for medicinal / nutraceutical purposes. The indoor facilities will provide highly automated and computer-controlled environments to maximize plant growth and yield while setting a new standard for responsible low-energy, low-carbon businesses. Using hops as a basis for profitability, future expansion into additional crops is expected to include cannabis, commercial hemp, and some other food crops that would benefit from the high yield potential of indoor grow facilities.

Using advanced environmental management systems (EMS) to control atmosphere, humidity, temperature and nutrition, and setting sustainability standards related to climate change such as water conservation ( recovery, recycling, reuse) and renewable energies, LoneStar AgriTech is able to create a business advantage in the production of hops all year round and possibly other food or medicinal species.

“We are delighted to be working with leading international companies such as BW-Global and Cultivatd to design and manage one of the most advanced 1,000,000 square foot greenhouses in the world, which includes both energy efficient technologies and water efficient. ” noted Matt Atwood, Director of the Fund and President of LoneStar Life Sciences, Inc. (“LoneStar Life Sciences”), an affiliate focused on various life sciences projects and parent company of LoneStar AgriTech.

As a Qualified Zone of Opportunity Fund (QOZF), the fund seeks to address the severe shortage and seasonal growth dilemmas of hops and other opportunistic crops while stimulating economic development in the zones of opportunity while at the same time offering attractive tax benefits and returns on investment to investors.

Investors may defer tax on qualifying earnings invested in a QOZF until the date nearest to the date on which the investment in a QOZF is sold or traded. Taxpayers can defer payment of capital gains tax, if those capital gains are invested in a QOZF, within 180 days of the realization of the gain. The deferral period ends on the first date on which the taxpayer sells his stake in the QOZF or 20 December 2026. Investments held for 5 years before December 31, 2026, will also benefit from an increase of 10% of the tax base of the taxpayer of the amount of the deferred gain. Any taxpayer who holds his investment for a minimum of 10 years cannot realize any tax on the capital gain on the capital gain on his investment.

LoneStar AgriTech is expected to operate in two phases with the product of the offering:

LoneStar AgriTech hop production

Phase 1 will include the acquisition of land, infrastructure, sustainable low-carbon utilities and the construction of a million square feet of 5th generation greenhouses with advanced hydroponic water-saving technologies and full spectrum energy saving LED technologies.

Hops for beer: Texas produces the 3rd highest number of barrels of beer in the US behind California and Pennsylvania. Texas farmers provide locally grown wheat, barley and malt, but cannot grow hops, the aromatic component of beer making. Currently, all hops sold in Texas must be purchased in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Idaho and Oregon) in the form of dried and pressed hop pellets. Hops cannot grow outside in Texas due to the high temperature climate and low water – until now. LoneStar AgriTech is set to completely disrupt the commercial hop industry by becoming the first large-capacity commercial hop producer in the state of Texas. Using the latest technology in controlled indoor cultivation, LoneStar AgriTech is also expected to be the first commercial hop producer in the world to produce large capacity fresh hops every month as a controlled rotary crop – and not once a year as the hops outdoors.

Watch the LoneStar AgriTech hop video here: https://vimeo.com/313555492

According to Atwood, “Inconsistent weather conditions can create the ultimate nightmarish domino effect when it comes to growing plants. Due to climate change, the Pacific Northwest has experienced record heat waves and drought. this year (2021). Brutal weather conditions are forcing plants into a “survival mode” which triggers low yields and poor quality hops. This problem creates an even bigger problem for beer makers who rely on beer profiles. consistent flavor for their craft beer. If beer makers lose beer flavor due to poor quality hops, they lose loyal customers. “

Atwood offers a solution. “With our advanced electronically controlled environment systems, we completely remove the unpredictable temperament of mother nature from the equation of making our hops ‘weather resistant.’ With our greenhouses, we can produce the same amount of hops all year round. in 20 acres that a Full hop production can be done on 800 acres outdoors, not only that we can maintain more consistency in yield and quality, but we only use 10-20% of the water requirements of an outdoor crop as our hydroponic system collects and recycles nutrients This makes our farming solution much more efficient and sustainable, even in an environment in which hops would not normally have a chance to grow – such as Texas. No one in the world has done what we are about to do, especially on a scale that can literally turn an entire industry upside down. “

Hops for health: Hops are a cousin of cannabis (from the same family), but without the psychoactive effects. The phytocompound Xanthohumol (“XN”), a polyphenol-flavonoid found only in hop flower, has been scientifically proven by peer-reviewed research to kill over 60 different cancers and also treat neurological disorders, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, asthma and obesity without the risk of addiction or toxic side effects. Currently, there are no manufacturers of medical grade XNs in North America, and a German vendor currently in use sells XN for $ 26, 000US per liter. LoneStar AgriTech is expected to add a full capacity hop processing facility and pharmaceutical grade extraction lab to manufacture phytobiotics (such as XN) and other phytochemicals during phase 2.

Watch the Xanthohumol video here: https://vimeo.com/313567811

What sets LoneStar Life Sciences, Inc. apart are its collaborations with experienced and respected international companies, combined with the educational and research aspect of local universities, including Texas A&M, University Texas to Austin, and Texas State University at San Marcos. These academic relationships should be exploited by offering school credit programs or internship opportunities for greenhouse cultivation, engineering, green energy software development, controlled environment training, certifications, and leadership development. for LoneStar’s “Farmers of the Future” programs.

The Domestic Hops Project will seek to provide a collaborative platform for US and international companies to develop renewable, sustainable and renewable energy and water technologies, carbon credit strategies. Additionally, LoneStar will provide well-paying jobs, skills training and leadership qualities to eligible low-income rural communities in the designated Central Texas Opportunity Zone.

Atwood concludes with: “This hop project is just the start. Once we get our hop production up and running, our goal is to take what we learn here and expand our technology to other opportunities such as vertical year-round food production, cannabis and other agricultural projects such as seaweed and vegetable proteins. In my opinion, this “farmer of the future” model is the only way we can create sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. We are extremely happy to launch this Opportunity Zone fund. This OZ program allows us to expand our projects much faster than we ever could with traditional investor models. “


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This fund is administered by a third party by OZ Invested

This press release contains forward-looking statements made in accordance with the safe harbor provisions within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. . We caution you that these statements are only actual predictions and events, or that the results may differ materially. These statements reflect our current expectations, and we do not undertake to update or revise these forward-looking statements, even if experience or future changes clearly indicate that the projected results expressed or implied in this or other statement. statements will not come true. . In addition, these statements involve risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control, which could cause actual results to differ materially from forward-looking statements. This is not an offer to sell units of the Fund. Any sale of Units will be made only within the framework of the Fund’s Confidential Private Placement Memorandum and related documents. The Confidential Private Placement Memorandum involves significant risks, uncertainties and certain conflicts of interest, many of which are beyond our control, which could affect an investment in the Fund.

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